Organic Crop Protectants - NEW NATIONAL DISTRIBUTORS


It’s with great excitement that Glen McDonald and I are able to announce that as of the 1st October, 2014 OCP will be taking over the distribution of the ULTIMATE AGRI PRODUCTS range of speciality nutrients, soil conditioners and crop sunburn protection products.

This decision has not happened overnight but has developed over the past two years through both company’s close association in the manufacturing and supply of the eco-flo Dolomite, Lime and Gypsum (with added seaweed). This product is mainly sold into the home garden market. Owners of both companies saw an opportunity to combine forces to offer customers a higher level of infield service, continuity of supply and over 20 years of agronomic experience.

GYP-FLO, PH- PLUS, and DOLOMITE PLUS compliments what OCP offers to the market and has a great fit with our new range of OrganoPLEX chelated micronutrients, Aminogro MAXi high organic nitrogen, Acadian Seaplants biostimulants and high concentration OCP HUMIC 90 and OCP FULVIC 90 humates. All of these products are high analysis and can be applied through fertigation or as foliar treatments which makes then very versatile, convenient and cost effective.

OCP will also be stocking ULTRA ZINC, FOCUS- K, FOCUS-CAL and the highly sought after, very cost effective sunscreen product CROP-BLOCK.

Please find attached the pricing and trading terms for the ULTIMATE range of products. You will notice a slight change in the terms of trade around minimum orders and picking and sending FOB charges. Perth customers will see a higher minimum order fee and picking fees than East Coast Customers due to the higher freighting costs.

The OCP Team is looking forward to helping you grow your ULTIMATE business this season.

Please send all order to our email or via Fax: 02 95998010.

Kind Regards,

Gary Leeson
Managing Director
Organic Crop Protectants

Glen McDonald
Managing Director
Ultimate Agri Products