DOLOMITE PLUS Product Description

DOLOMITE PLUS should be applied instead of PH-PLUS if Magnesium is also required.

DOLOMITE PLUS is much easier to handle and apply via boom spray, drip systems, overhead irrigation and aerial applications compared to spreading bulk dolomite. In addition DOLOMITE PLUS is also a great source of available Calcium and Magnesium for plant nutrition.

DOLOMITE PLUS has a particle size of only 10 micron and is more than 70% available resulting in much quicker results and overcoming the effects of low soil pH, unlike bulk dolomite that has a particle size of 1000 micron (1 mm) average, with a solubility rate of only 0.00015%. After 4 years of field trials, studies confirmed that the finer particles remain more active than the courser particles of "bulk dolomite".