Civil Works

  •     BONDFAST BOND-FAST is concentrated biodegradable liquid additive that is applied for erosion control and soil stabilisation. BOND-FAST is a green viscus formulation in order to indicate the application area

    Pack Sizes Available: 1000LT

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    HYDRA-GYP is a technical grade concentrated liquid suspension that contains 80% w/v of super fine milled Natural Gypsum, applied for the treatment of flocculating water.

    Pack sizes available; 15LT 200LT, 800LT

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    TRIPLE STRIKE is a concentrated liquid suspension of superfine Gypsum, enhanced with Alum.

    Pack sizes available; 15LT, 200LT, 800LT

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  • SOIL SEAL SOIL SEAL is a liquid concentrated binding additive that is applied to Hydromulch mixes to assist with binding the seed and mulch together and is also used as a soil sealer that can be applied to contaminated soil sites or for the application of erosion control.

    Pack sizes available; 200LT, 1000LT

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