HYDRA-LIME Product Description

HYDRA-LIME is much easier to handle and apply compared to other products, also minimising OH&S concerns. HYDRA-LIME provides more efficient and effective results due to a high concentration and a particle size of 5 micron, compared to Bulk Lime which has a particle size of 1,000 micron (1mm) and a solubility rate of 0.00015%.

HYDRA-LIME is suitable for all acid soils.


Application Rates

HYDRA-LIME dosage rates may vary, we recommend the following application rates as a general guide.
HYDRA-LIME dilute at 1 part product to 2 parts water as a minimum, keep agitating to prevent settling in the tank.
HYDRA-LIME should not be mixed or applied with any other chemical unless they are suitable to
a very high pH solution.

Field Trial Results